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Information Op-Ed: Stablecoins and the bankruptcy of the Bank, The Actual risk of Fiat-copy Token

Title :  Op-Ed: Stablecoins and the bankruptcy of the Bank, The Actual risk of Fiat-copy Token
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Date of publication :   2019-08-04
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Frames Op-Ed: Stablecoins and the bankruptcy of the Bank, The Actual risk of Fiat-copy Token

Description Op-Ed: Stablecoins and the bankruptcy of the Bank, The Actual risk of Fiat-copy Token

About the author: Ranjeet Sodhi, CEO and Co-founder of vault. It is also a fintech entrepreneur with more than 19 years of experience, is a leader and turn around the keys in the regulatory initiatives for global risk management high-level of investment banks and financial service providers, including JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Deloitte, and E&Y. you can follow him on Twitter at @ranjeetsodhi.

Recently, the news that the Noble Bank, one of the first banks, the securing of the mounting for the bracket, which is probably insolvent and are for sale for as little as $5 million (all the crypto you whales, a bank in Puerto Rico?).

While the latest versions of the story specify that the insolvency is the result of the loss of major customers – including the bracelet – network which underlines a critical problem of the fiat-copy stablecoin projects, which only very few people in the cryptocurrency community, you should note the following applies to almost all:

The banks failure.

Fail at an alarming rate.

Small banks (i.e., the only ones who are willing to work with crypto-to-fail projects) mostly.

This should be a concern for the cryptocurrency community due to the amount of the new fiat-copy the symbols, which set in motion have, taking advantage of the unique storage of a fiat currency, which in this type of institutions.

Regional Bank failures in the United States

Since 2008, there were more than 500 Bank failures in the United States. Most of these were more small, regional banks (the FDIC maintains a list here), they were weak, in large letters, and are not subject to the same requirements of capital on the level and the players, but there are some surprising names on this list.

These banks are not for one essential reason: the credit risk and Operational risk.

Only the banks had claims that he could not answer, were not capitalized well enough to meet their obligations, earrings, and, therefore, we are sinking, when the time came, to meet its obligations.

This is most evident in the financial crisis of 2008, in which a number of Central banks have to be decided, the exposure to risky assets, the advantages of buying debt, and they have forced into bankruptcy, driven, if the market conditions resulting from these purchases changed, in order to be profitable.

The Dodd-Frank act, is a part of the solution, the no improvement in Small banks

To resolve this problem, the agreement of Basel III and the Dodd-Frank legislation have been implemented to ensure the strict capital reserve requirements in the United States. The idea was that the banks you want, take positions to be more risky, to act in proportion to the size of the reserves from contribution of capital as a cushion in the event that these investments fail, and for the avoidance of insolvency of banks, resulting in the "too-big-to - fail "scenario".

However, these stricter capital are adopted in requirements were in order to avoid, which concerned the bankruptcy of the bank, the banks, the assets under management of more than $50 million dollars – and for almost all Bank failures reported by the FDIC were below this threshold and is therefore not subject to these new requirements.

In other words, there is an inherent risk of cryptocurrency projects, the leverage effect of the traditional banks in the infrastructure of the small banks that are willing to work with cryptocurrency projects are also risky, because they are not subject to the same requirements of the capital reserve.

The world is Obsessed with Fiat-copy Token

Since the release of the tape, the cryptocurrency world, obsessed with the idea of a fiat-copy of stablecoins. While there are many projects, the decentralized number of algorithmic stability, the appeal of a chip with a centralized storage of value is clear: if there is a token-value of a dollar, and a dollar, "copy", conceptually, the tab will probably cost a dollar.

Each Bra-more precisely, the object of the criticism, many brands emerged, the exploited, the same basic model, with incremental improvements – to improve the tests, the possibility of a refund, the Board, etc., But all these fiat-copy, the participants in the room efficiently, you have your own point of view on the same model number, a symbol, put a dollar in a Bank account.

And this fiat-supported projects, followed by a significant increase in the company's capital and to achieve a market capitalization of more than $ 2.9 billion dollars sitting claimed, on the Bank accounts, the securing of the chip.

$ 2.9 million dollars, the responsibility for Small banks

Here's where things get interesting: the dust outside of your accounting 101 textbook, we go back to the basics.

For the bank to be solvent, will have sufficient funds to cover their debts.

For a customer, the balance from your Bank account for a active that the money is in the account, it is assumed that you can remove if you want.

For a bank, the account status of the customer... is a responsibility! If a customer gives the bank money, the bank MUST give the customer a lot of money.

Under normal circumstances, the banks will use.these resources to generate income for the bank, usually through the granting of loans and mortgages to other customers

The problem here is, that more liquid from the Bank account, the greater the risk of lending money. A person in charge of the bank not used the money from a Bank account should be on the question of the 30-year mortgage loan due to that the verification of the account-holder can request your money at any time. However, the booking of capital is a prerequisite for financial institutions are systemically important (SIFIS) in the United States, less than 10% on average, and for small banks, this percentage is much lower. This means that many of these banks have very few or almost no reserves of capital to protect themselves against defaults or bad investments, and payment decisions, is incapable, with only a handful of poor investment – that seems to be what happened with the Noble of the Bank.

So here we can clearly see that the basic problem of the fiat-copy stablecoin model. The storage of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash on the Bank account at a regional bank is a real danger for all involved. (And before you get too excited about the "insurance of the FDIC," please note that, in General, deposits covers up to $250,000 per beneficiary).

In summary, it is Important to worry about that Reduces the risk of Fiat-copy tokens, and no one Seems to be

There is an inherent risk in the fiat stablecoin projects supported extends over the house, apparently, of all the tokens with this model, the banks are not designed to accommodate hundreds of millions of dollars in liquid accounts.

Current projects have given important steps in the direction of the regulation, but also announced in the press release, the New York financial Services, the regulation is not intended to deal with the risks described here are.

Decentralised chips don't have these problems, but on the spot the reliability of the ankle in the algorithms and the Central Bank-such as the structures with a point to prove, and without a Central memory warranty, to the token-holder has no right to claim to have any base value, in the case of a symbol for the autumn.

As the market develops further, other solutions will continue to emerge – fiat-copy of the tabs you find to protect more consolidated and of the creditworthiness of the business partner, the state of the art, occurrence of the insurance options, the token-holder and other stores of value can be used, and you have no confidence in the banking system is traditionally as the gold market from the backup.

Of course, everyone stablecoin has its basis and benefits, and it is likely that a number of projects you can find to appeal to their way, to different segments of the market. But as this space develops, one thing is clear – the celebration of the great capital as a guarantee for a fiat-copy stablecoin project is a business risky.

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Thanks a lot for verefying!!!

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Thank you Crypto Eri for turning me on to Sumo again. I have been following the Autumn Basho thanks to the uploads made by @sonsinJapan. Especially loving the pomp and circumstance of it all. Enho was 5-3 last i saw, looking forward to Day 9! Many thanks from the other side of the planet. Boston, MA.
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itsover 99000
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James Sangalli On Why Banks Aren’t Using Ripple’s XRP

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better living
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This was one of your best videos and I watch them all! Thank you.

PS not quite 100 yet!

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