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Title :  Stipend Pre-Alpha Update
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Justin K
Dead giveaway
Comment from : Justin K

Ugh. He "hanged" himself, he did not "hung" himself. You can tell the difference because he was dead afterwards.
Comment from : irishmakbeth

Comment from : xXMr0LinkXx

Finally a list with lots of diversity!
Comment from : Insigna31

What about Irene Garza?
Comment from : HotWax93

Neil Fallon
Y’all really need to do another one of these you say your running out of ideas do videos like this and more ufo and Bigfoot stuff
Comment from : Neil Fallon

Alain Rogez
You forget Black Dahlia case which was solved by Stephane Bourgoin in 2014.
Comment from : Alain Rogez

Joshua Grant
I remember when I was younger I seen that patz boy death on the news and I had no clue what was going on now I’m 14 but to know it was someone in your neighborhood where you buy food from
Comment from : Joshua Grant

Hoodie Braden
i hate your voice
Comment from : Hoodie Braden

Damon Holly
Case#7, Best part of that story is that while he was speeding off in the stolen car after shooting the cops, the one lying in the street ,with his last breaths,emptied his gun into the car as he was speeding away, and actually hit dude in the back... now thas world class precision. Marked his murderer for life. Too bad it took that long to finally catch him tho
Comment from : Damon Holly

I really hope that William Taylor case should be solved.
Comment from : EXO UNIVERSE

Child abductions always break my heart!I can't even watvh them on crime reality shows...you know how it would be...i can't even type them out.Please God...rescue them.
Comment from : automaticchic

Timothy Torres
Title: Top 10 Cold Cases That Were Finally Solved

Video: All the cases are murders

Comment from : Timothy Torres

GlitzyZebra 38
i hope the cases of jack the ripper and the zodiac killer are solved
Comment from : GlitzyZebra 38

God I really cant imagine what those girls went through for a decade. Makes me want to vomit. That sick fuck
Comment from : loganciappa

Lewis The Slytherin
Two cases I want to see solved are Jack The Ripper and the Zodiac Killer
Comment from : Lewis The Slytherin

Danyllo Skybrawa Rocha
I love this channel, but the music used in the background of this video is really disrespectful.
Comment from : Danyllo Skybrawa Rocha

Trey Lehman
How was Gregory Johnson executed in Indiana in 2005, then arrested for murder in 2011?
Comment from : Trey Lehman

Fabian Flores
Comment from : Fabian Flores

James Benton Ticer
God is a real screw up.
Comment from : James Benton Ticer

Lol we need to send these sick fcks to a north korean prison. Then they will know true horror and pain
Comment from : bonswami

Alex Martin
Man kills woman...24 years in prison. Woman kills man...6 months😂😂
Comment from : Alex Martin

Tyler M
I hope the west memphis 3 Is eventually solved. However I believe they're guilty. Just look at Exhibit 500 and the multiple confessions from misskelley to his defenders.
Comment from : Tyler M

Zodiac may be solved
Comment from : Herkert

Anthony D
Didnt recent news about Amelia Earheart come out on her case in the past year or so? I read photos of her surface being abducted by the Japanese. She is believe to have died as a captive prisoner
Comment from : Anthony D

Christian Matsoukis
0:47 Guy looks like Gerald Butler
Comment from : Christian Matsoukis

Ricky Brians
Hope to see Carol Baskin on this list soon
Comment from : Ricky Brians

ben dollins
The only case that I need to be solved in my life is Carole Baskin
Comment from : ben dollins

imagine a man getting 6 months for killing his wife...
Comment from : SoSickRick

Maisha L.
I know Peter Thomas voice anywhere!
Comment from : Maisha L.

Damn people watch your Kids!
Comment from : ORION QUEST

Carole Baskin may be part of this list soon.
Comment from : ninjacowboy

What about Zodiac or Jack the ripper?
Comment from : frogs4ever

Jack the ripper,Zodiac and D.B.Cooper.
Comment from : LODA LEGA

Maritza Piccarillo
5:10 so she confessed to get free healthcare in prison!!
Comment from : Maritza Piccarillo

Anna Salazar
The Alcatraz prison escape😞😞
Comment from : Anna Salazar

Margad-Erdene Amgalanbaatar
This video goes like it is presenting accomplishments or something with the music and all.
Comment from : Margad-Erdene Amgalanbaatar

Peachitea subliminals
Ariel Castro was technically a serial killer though :/ he killed multiple babies
Comment from : Peachitea subliminals

eddie estrada
At least If you’re going to make fame / money off people learn how to enunciate their name I cant stand the way she said Ethan patz name You can obviously tell she never even listen to a newsfeed before doing it or she would’ve heard his name said the proper way.. this video is a -10
Comment from : eddie estrada

J Clay
The music doesnt match. Too upbeat. Subject matter very sad.
Comment from : J Clay

I can't wait til they finally figure out who killed Nicole Brown Simpson.
Comment from : ALRIGHTY THEN

Christina Velazquez
In south Carolina, peewee Gaskin's killed over 200 people. It wasn't until after hurricane Hugo that peeled back all the swamp marshland reveal end skeleton s from dead transients and teenage runaways. It wasn't until he was in jail years later that he confesses to all these murders.
Comment from : Christina Velazquez

Lizz Doe
Gotta love Forensic Files!!! Closure is a beautiful thing.
Comment from : Lizz Doe

Angel D A Roseli
I hate her voice
Comment from : Angel D A Roseli

Kevin Omm
I don’t understand why he killed Ayton
Comment from : Kevin Omm

Random stuff
I wonder why white people fear black 🤔
Comment from : Random stuff

“A Life for a Life” I’d say throw the book on those murderers.
Comment from : uberkewl19

Taco pup
I love when liberals actively block the death penalty to look good.
Comment from : Taco pup

They should add the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling to this list.
Comment from : RajaReign78

Garrett Dalley
Wait wait wait. Carolyn Wilson only got 6 MONTHS for murder? Had it been a man who killed his wife he'd have gotten the book thrown at him.
Comment from : Garrett Dalley

these are all very interesting cases.
Comment from : danwaltz315

Cute cactos
The three girls were locked up for a decade, yet he comited suicide after serving one month...
Comment from : Cute cactos

Lyssy Jonas
6:39 ... jesus
Comment from : Lyssy Jonas

Aton wasnt killed by that bodega owner. I know for a fact because aton waz living in canada. Him and i were both together in a sex ring .he died in 2000 of a heroin overdose. This video is such crapv
Comment from : CHRIS Mayen

Daniel Higginbottom
There was another cold case that 2 brothers solved. A man shot a state trooper nine times. He survived. After searching for five years the case went cold. Then the brothers gave it a shot, and after 2 days they found his body in a cave, finally closing the case.
Comment from : Daniel Higginbottom

Dwarven Hammer
It´s like top ten most satisfying.
Comment from : Dwarven Hammer

Capt Zdq
The wacko who raped n murdered Keen was out on bail when he did it. That's done on purpose by the luny left, which controls the judicial system, and blocks judicial reforms that would humanize the system, and they always get away with it.
Comment from : Capt Zdq

Kim Reynald Pineda
"Shot while raking a shower at home"

Me: watching this while taking a shower at home.

Comment from : Kim Reynald Pineda

Margaret Fleming
Murderer 2officer.......when arrested says you here for the..........what ego.....like it's been so long why me???????these people are disgusting and deserve the death penalty......what the call these narsarstic they have no see why this should happen to them I'm not remorseful....and nothing you say for them will ever change them..,.....that's I say the death penalty is what they need since no remorse be given the family of wonderful men.........👩‍🦳😥☠️ Dead men walking
Comment from : Margaret Fleming

Mel K
I don’t think Ms. Wilson is not suffering from “early stages of dementia”. How convenient 😂😂
Comment from : Mel K

Ashlee Nicole
I don’t like the upbeat music with these Kinds of videos throws it off
Comment from : Ashlee Nicole

Aceanical l
This sad ajk kyes jsn nsj njsnno dtp mom dyop i faont wa n ma et s i n a bat aksns dbsndjbd db*29@*-;Kssnbs
Comment from : Aceanical l

Esty Gordon
The story about Eitan Patz is heartbreaking because that was the first day his mother let him go to the bus alone...and he never got to school or ever got to see his mother again
Comment from : Esty Gordon

Waste of Spunk
2:42 wtf was that "without them mmm-rrrr-here-uhhhhhhhhhhh"
Comment from : Waste of Spunk

louise knight-coney
Your voice is far too annoying for me to watch this video
Comment from : louise knight-coney

Paul Gill
Would have been nice to see Mia Zapata on the list. R.I.P
Comment from : Paul Gill

Rocky Aqua
'We are leaving out Amelia Earhart'


Comment from : Rocky Aqua

the background music wtf......
Comment from : M R

Michael Dunbar
I remember most of those cases while growing up, I'm glad they solved them.
Comment from : Michael Dunbar

That forensic files episode about Gerald Mason was insane, after being shot and dying on the ground that cop somehow got a shot off that went through Mason’s back window through the back of the driver seat and hit him in the back, and almost 50 years later that scar from the bullet help police identify him. One of my favorite episodes of Forensic Files I think.
Comment from : SILKYslim

Six months for murder? How's that supposed "patriarchy" looking here, folks? If that was a guy, he would have died in prison, regardless of having Alzheimer's.
Comment from : dner75

Brooke Neal
I think all murderers and sexual offenders should receive Capital punishment. They don't deserve mercy, and they dont deserve to live.
Comment from : Brooke Neal

Michael Lynes
The criminals should be on "I (Almost) Got Away With It"
Comment from : Michael Lynes

Jenna H
Sorry but the music for this is just all wrong
Comment from : Jenna H

Heard all these before. Can we have more international cases,please.
Comment from : TheBusterMan

OldNova *
1:34 Undertaker left the chat.
Comment from : OldNova *

Blake Ybarra
Did anyone else hear in the vid that someone was declared legally dead? 9:00-9:07
Comment from : Blake Ybarra

Gavin rockex
2:13 guy on the left that’s the guy from the princess bride change my mind
Comment from : Gavin rockex

What about the case of Natascha Kampusch?
Comment from : TheRedValkyria

Eric Warner
Has anyone mentioned 1985 to 2012 is not over 30 years. 3 years shy of being 30 years. Math is hard.
Comment from : Eric Warner

Jay Bryant
2 cases I hope to see solved in my life time is Zodiac & Jonbenet Ramsey.
Comment from : Jay Bryant

Wait, how could Johnson be arrested in 2011 if he died by lethal injection in 2005. I mean, I know these death row cases can drag on for decades, but that's the FASTEST "carrying out of justice" I've EVER heard of! I mean, heck, they even used a time machine to get this guy done expediently!
Comment from : rockweedgirl

Zero Video
Nice music
Comment from : Zero Video

Sophia Cristina
Daughter skip classes with boyfriend, ok, he is totally a murder!
Comment from : Sophia Cristina

Ricardo Davis
I went to school with Micheal mizzy Robinson. RIP Cuzzo 211. We gotem!
Comment from : Ricardo Davis

Sneha Sahu
Please add subtitles to your videos
Comment from : Sneha Sahu

Yudhajit vishwakarma
& still they couldn't crack the zodiac killer...
Comment from : Yudhajit vishwakarma

19:47..... hes wearing the same shirt the day his boy went missing! Look at those collars!
Comment from : jeflynnenut

Stoli Blue
The man in jail as the lipstick killer. That man is not guilty. Police can't face the embarrassment. Wankers CPD
Comment from : Stoli Blue

gabby s.
these are all american..
Comment from : gabby s.

Sian Ireland
damn is that sculpture artist a psychic? that was unbelievable.
Comment from : Sian Ireland

I find it creepy that the man responsible for killing Etan Patz shares a name with a villain from NCIS: Pedro Hernandez.
Comment from : ShadowSora8491

laura gardner
would be great if the boy in the box would have his true identity back.
Comment from : laura gardner

Amelia’s plane most likely had to have gone way under water
Comment from : T D

Aaron Harris
The Number one for this video has got me really messed up. Why would you just pick a kid off the street and strangle him in a bodega. Rip Etan
Comment from : Aaron Harris

Angelo Johnnys
Very sad
Comment from : Angelo Johnnys

Just ME
If he hasn’t already John Walsh should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Comment from : Just ME

Just ME
So the bust lead to a bust
Comment from : Just ME

Jeannie Whitcomb
About three months after this episode a 30 year cold case in Indiana was finally solved.
Comment from : Jeannie Whitcomb

Jesus I was not expecting actual pictures of dead bodies
Comment from : nadine

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